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  1. Follow The Process

  2. We check your credit - But do not hold any challenges against you. The fee is paid here but refunded if the placement is not made within 30 days

  3. You choose up to 20 homes to view in 30 days.

  4. We speak with the owner of the property you want, and explain any challenges you may have.

  5. We show you all homes you are pre-approved to move into.

  6.  You have the First Month's rent and Deposit for the home you have chosen.

  7. You Get The Key

  8. You Move In.





We Rent & Place Homes, Condos, Lofts, Apartments
If You Have Credit Issues We Get You Placed Guaranteed or your Money Back

$500 to $1000 Processing Fee
9am to 7pm
Tuesday to Saturday
504 Fair Street SW 
Atlanta, Ga

By Appointment Only


Our  Cash App Is
or you can zelle

We will show you up to 15 Homes. 

WE CAN HALT, DELAY, and or STOP the eviction process. 
You may be able to stay in the property for an additional fee...

Some homes are not listed, we'll tell you about those

WE HELP PRODUCTION COMPANIES FIND APARTMENTS, Homes, Lofts, for crew or a location.

The Process

  1. Look at our site

  2. Call Our Office 404-922-1151

  3. A team member will be assigned to you to help you

  4. Complete the Application Process

  5. Pay The processing Fee  The Amount is based on your situation

  6. Select The Home You Want To View 

  7. Go View The Homes

  8. Pick a Home

  9. IBD will present you to the homeowner or agent.

  10. Our process is complete. 


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